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Frequently Asked Questions

What are you doing to keep clients safe during COVID-19?

With the mask mandate lifted, I cannot force any individual to wear a mask. I respect each individual's decision to either wear or not to wear a mask.

All services are by appointment only. No walk-ins.

All surfaces are sanitized between each dog.

All tools/equipment are sanitized between each dog.

Debit machines are sanitized between each use.

My dog is aggressive. Will you still groom them?



My job as a dog groomer requires me to use my hands at all times. I cannot risk injury, as I will be unable to continue my job, if injured.

What does "one-on-one" mean?
I work on your dog and only your dog for the duration of their appointment. I do not book several dogs together and I do not have all my appointments come in at the same time each morning. This means when your dog is dropped off, the service is started immediately and they are not sitting in a crate for hours waiting to be completed. You are then called to pick up as soon as their grooming has been completed.

Do you groom cats?


Unfortunately I do not groom cats, but I am happy to offer nail trim services for cats.

Do you provide Doggy Daycare or Boarding Services?


As I am a home-based business, this is not a service that I provide.

Do you provide a Mobile Grooming Service?


This is not a service I provide. I am a home-based business.

Do you provide customer pick up & drop off services?


This is not a service that I provide.

What are "anal glands" and do you expel them?

No. I do not expel anal glands.

This is not a service that I provide. I strongly suggest you speak to your Veterinarian in regards to this service.


Anal glands are small glands (or sacs) on either side of the anus, between the external and internal sphincter muscle. They secrete a liquid used to identify different members in a species. This is sort of like your pet's signature smell. Every time they poop, it is marked with this smell. This is also how animals identify each other's smells when smelling their rears to say hello. These sacs will fill up with liquid every so often. Most dogs expel their own anal glands while going poop, or other ways. Other dogs may rely on their human companions to help them expel.

What is a "matting" and why is there an extra charge for "de-matting"?


If your dog is matted, they will be shaved. No exceptions.

I will not cause unnecessary pain/discomfort to any dog for vanity purposes. It is your responsibility to brush and maintain your dog's coat, at home, between grooming appointments.


For light knotting in workable areas, an additional fee is charged. Extra time and care must be taken, while I work at your dog's pace. 

Matting is severe knotting in your dog's fur. This occurs from lack of brushing your dog and not adhering to a regular grooming schedule. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to upkeep your dog's coat at home. A dogs fur needs to be brushed daily to keep matting away (dogs with long fur should be brushed several times a day) and should be maintained with regular grooming appointments (every 2-4 weeks for long fur length, 4-6 weeks for medium length, 6-8 weeks for shorter length, and 8-10 weeks for shave-downs). Large matting occurs when several smaller knots accumulate, due to lack of brushing and in tern begin to interlock


In severe cases, where matting is not taken care of for prolonged periods of time, serious harm can come to your dog. In many of these cases, the dog's skin beneath the layer of matting cannot receive sufficient air flow and becomes damp and sore. This can become infected and cause further skin issues. Matted hair that is constantly pulling on your dog's skin and can cause bruising and/or hematomas. In these cases, your dog will be shaved--no exceptions.

What is a "quick" and what happens if you cut it?

The quick is the blood supply inside your dog's nail. It is easily seen from the outside of a clear nail, however cannot be seen in black nails.


The nail is cut just before the quick. However, sometimes the quick my be nicked in the process (usually on black nails). Yes, this does mean the nail will bleed. However, there is nothing to worry about. Most dogs don't make a fuss about it. If a quick is cut during the nail trim, we use a special powder called Styptic Powder ( or "Kwik Stop"). This stops the bleeding and cauterizes. Some dogs may experience some tenderness in that nail for a short period of time, but they will be completely fine! 

My dog is itchy and/or has allergies. Do you use a hypo-allergenic products?

I currently use hypoallergenic shampoo only to avoid issues with allergies.

If your dog has allergies, please let us know, so that we do not use other finishing products such as colognes and so that we do not feed treats.

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